Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Can a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Work for You?

Wolf Commercial Lending LLC knows that mortgages don’t cut it when you’re a property investor. That’s why we offer stated income commercial real estate financing. With our quick funding, you can snatch up business opportunities.

Reasons to Choose a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

Traditional lenders require stacks of paperwork before approving a loan, which means the process can take over a month. When you’re in business, you can’t afford to wait that long. Fortunately, stated income loans rely on the property’s value, not your financial statements. That means you get cash fast. You may even qualify for this type of loan if you’ve been turned down before.

Properties Eligible for Financing

You can use your stated income loan on a variety of properties:

  • Apartments
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants

The LTV ratio depends on the real estate type. You can expect as much as 75% for real estate with five or more units, such as mixed-use and multi-family properties, though we also require a credit score of at least 700. Warehouse properties, self-storage, auto service, offices and retail spaces can qualify for up to 65% LTV. Finally, properties with four units or less can be eligible for up to 70% LTV.

Benefits of Financing With Wolf Commercial Lending LLC

We stay competitive to ensure our customers get the best deals. As a result, you reap these benefits:

  • 25-year terms
  • As much as $500,000
  • Fixed rates

We ask for a credit score of 600 or higher for most loans, and the property value must cover the following:

  • Taxes
  • Loan amount
  • Insurance

Ways to Use Your Funds

You can use a stated income loan to purchase real estate, with the new property serving as collateral. However, if you already own real estate, you can use it to fund other endeavors:

  • Renovations
  • Construction
  • Debt consolidation

Applications Available Now

The faster you apply, the sooner you can use the funds. To schedule a consultation with our loan officers, call us today.